About Gary’s Quality Meats

There is a reason why Australia’s number one chef Ben Shewry tributed the dish ‘Gazza’s Lamb Pie’ to non-other than Gary McBean himself, it’s in Bens not so humble opinion that he is ‘The best butcher going around and a wonderful human being’. In the end Gary is not interested in what butchery can do for himself, but the cuts and chops over the years has made him and everyone at Gary’s Meats interested in what it can do for everyone else.

1970 was the year Gary first picked up the knife, but prior to that Gary’s father, grandfather and great grandfather practiced the art of Butchery passing down the skills and long knowledge of the trade, making him the fourth generation butcher in the line.

Through the culmination of these past generations Gary was able to establish his own business in 1984 at the Prahran Market, he wanted to give people something that was real, something they could experience and taste, an aim without merit.

What began with a passion for flavour, Dry Aging became an art form Gary managed to master through the means of experimentation, developing techniques that pushed the practice into new fields and further his goal of bringing something special to butchery.

Gary’s Meats has a passing knowledge of four generations and his children will make it the fifth, but what this butchery is at its core is a family business with the only hope that everyone can experience an art that has been forgotten, what butcher and craft is to us is finding a way to tempt everyone into experiencing what is unknown to us.

Gary McBean


Butchering since: 1955


Butchering since: 1970


Butchering since: 2006