Gary’s aging rooms

‘Meet Dorie, Gary’s Meats first aging fridge

Our first aging fridge (Dorie) was overseen and specifically built under the direction of Gary McBean himself.

Dorie is not a normal fridge, specific airflow, temperature and humidity is vital the production of Dry Aged Beef.

Coming from a long line of Butchers Gary named his first aging room after his Grandmother, who loved spending time at the shop.

Gary’s aging rooms are installed with multiple refrigeration units that are vital in the circulation of airflow preventing growth of bacteria.

Dorie’s open large glass window allows for full view of each and every piece of meat, this provides a constant monitoring of every piece of meat.

The meat is removed from the Dry Aging room with a blackened crust on the exterior of the meat, which is later removed to reveal the crimson red meat.

The total capacity of the aging room is around 150 prime rib racks, which allows enough airflow to circulate the entire rack.

With the extensive knowledge of Gary McBean he was able to construct the optimal conditions for Aging, over time Gary has welcomed another aging room named after his other grandmother (Dottie)