Good care, gets results

Being a family business, we take care and pride in every piece of meat that comes through’

It might be a little too easy to assume the butchers approach is to give it a rough job or as the saying goes, ‘butcher it’ but what goes into into every slice and cut at Gary’s Meats is care and a sense of Pride.

WE CARE FOR BUTCHERS. Our Butchers take pride in their work, trimming aged meat up so that only the best and most prime steaks are available for customers.

WE CARE FOR MEAT. Our passion is meat and its not just the meat we care for, but its how the animal is raised, fed and above all cared for, because if its a happy animal, it’s a happy customer and sustainable way of life.

WE CARE FOR DORIE. Cleanliness and hygiene is something we care and take very seriously, ensuring, fridges, cutting blocks and the general shop is up and above standard.

WE CARE FOR COOKING. Now the aging is complete its up to you to cook your meat, our staff is always more than happy to guide you through cooking methods of aged meat.

WE CARE FOR PEOPLE. Why do we aged meat? because we care about the versatility of meat and we don’t want to see this fantastic method of spread to you the people.