PURCHASE YOUR 100{5d5f2a0d5199b89a1cebb95d9656f6380e55c3ea8b2732b8db98bb4a47069329} FREE RANGE CHRISTMAS HAMS

All our Free Range Christmas Hams at Garys Quality Meats are 100{5d5f2a0d5199b89a1cebb95d9656f6380e55c3ea8b2732b8db98bb4a47069329} free range Berkshire pork from Greta Valley. These rare female black pigs are free from ‘board taint’ which is caused by male hormones.

Free range‘ means our pigs are not penned or caged, they are happily roaming, free to dig, forage, wallow, socialise, and mate. They live a very happy life and are raised humanely.

Our Free Range Christmas Hams are lightly smoked and baked, full of flavour and slightly marbled. They are free from growth hormones and antibiotics, and guaranteed to be succulent, juicy and delicious.

apiq certified porkAll our Free Range Christmas Hams are APIQ free range certified.

Get in quick as your Christmas will not be the same without these succulent free range christmas hams.


Full Christmas Ham

Half Christmas Ham Shank End

Half Christmas Ham Fillet End

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