At Garys Quality Meats Organic Butcher Melbourne we strive to provide beef sourced from suppliers that have a commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices.

They nurture the finest quality cattle, without harming the environment.

some of our brands include…


Cape Grim 100{5d5f2a0d5199b89a1cebb95d9656f6380e55c3ea8b2732b8db98bb4a47069329} Grass Fed Beef and is known for its amazing flavour.

Cape Grim Beef is:
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  • Hormone free
  • Antibiotic free
  • GMO free
  • British breed beef only
  • Fed on the cleanest natural grasses
  • Graded to the four highest MSA tenderness grades
  • Natural marbling for maximum juiciness
  • 100{5d5f2a0d5199b89a1cebb95d9656f6380e55c3ea8b2732b8db98bb4a47069329} Grass fed beef
  • Natural food for healthy minds and bodies


For more information on Cape Grim Beef visit their website ‘HERE’


Robbins Island Wagyu features an impressive Beef Marble Score (BMS 5-9), the taste signature is a great combination of specific Wagyu genetics, regional pasture influences and a pristine environment. This guarantees Robbins Island Wagyu to be some of the most natural and best tasting beef in the world.

Robbins Island Wagyu is:
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  • Free Range – defined as “Cattle will be free to graze on open pasture and will not be raised in feed lots”
  • Grass Fed – Cattle that have been pastured and grazed on grass in a non-confined area and exclude feed-lot cattle.
  • Japanese breed
  • Hormone free
  • Not fed finishing diets containing therapeutic antibiotics.
  • Raised on farm using animal welfare best practices.
  • Property must be LPA and MSA registered.


For more Information on Robbins Island Wagyu visit their website ‘HERE


Habbies Howe Beef are committed to raising the best Australian Angus beef grass fed in the Victorian highlands.

Habbies Howe Beef is:
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  • Free range
  • Mature and well hung to age
  • Hormone free
  • Antibodies free
  • Grass-fed
  • Low stress environment


To optimise the flavour characteristics Habbies Howe beef is hung to age which is why Habbies Howe beef has that traditional and full flavoured taste, the way beef used to be.

For more information of Habbies Howe Beef visit their website ‘HERE


At Great Southern we are committed to deliver delicious restaurant quality meat we all deserve. Prime cuts of beef that are more tender, tastier and juicer when served.

Every Great Southern cut is renowned for its rich full flavour with just the right amount of marbling. Producing the world’s best, naturally raised beef is all about consistently raising the bar. Great Southern Pinnacle Beef represents the best of the best.

There’s nothing standard across our range. Our team of expert graders have an eye for excellence that identifies the prime cuts of Pinnacle Beef to deliver a consistent quality and taste experience that sets it apart from the rest.

Robbins Island Wagyu is:
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  • British and European breeds only
  • JBS Farm Assured
  • MSA graded
  • Marble score 2+
  • No antibiotic, no GMO
  • Grass fed, free range, HGP free


Pinnacle_Beef_Brochure_COVERFor more Information on Great Southern Pinnacle Beef visit their website ‘HERE’ or download their brochure.