In the minds of Garys Meats Organic Butcher Melbourne is quality – first and foremost. This is evident in the selection of lamb from our preferred award winning suppliers.
We choose quality grass fed, pasture fed, free range, organic lamb that offers a unique eating experience…

some of our brands include…



Saltbush Dorper Lamb

The Dorper Lamb is a fast growing haired breed that thrives in Australia’s arid environment. Consuming native and unique plant varieties gives their meat a clean fresh naturally seasoned flavouring.

Dorper Lamb require minimal handling, as they do not require shearing, mulesing or any operation associated with a traditional wool growing enterprise. Combined with ease of management all our growers adopt low stress stock skills to ensure the lambs are happy and stress free.

Organic Lamb

All our Dorper lambs are sourced from Western and Central N.S.W., Northern and Mid North S.A. Working with continuous lambing operations, provides fresh certified organic lambs year round.

Our dedicated growers are committed to sustainableorganic production, pairing the right breed with the right environment can produce quality organic lamb.

For more information of Remarkable meat co. Visit their website ‘HERE



Flinders Island Saltgrass Lambs are treated to one of the best environments on Earth, and raised by farmers who know, from generations of experience and knowledge exactly how to get the most out of each animal, and to perfect that unique taste that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Flinders Island Lamb is:

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  • Free range
  • Graze on natural saltgrass pastures
  • Antibodies free
  • Hormone free
  • High in protein and contain all the essential amino acids and minerals
  • An excellent source of B vitamins, particularly B12


For more information on Flinders Island Lamb visit their website ‘Here