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The Gin Pig!

Something new and unique, @garysqualitymeats has teamed up with @ginpigfarmer at Yarra Valley Berkshires and @fourpillarsgin for a whole new take on how we look and taste pork!

Yarra valley Berkshires all being freerange Berkshire pork has a close relationship with @fourpillarsgin and created what is now famous as the Gin PigTM. Adding the spent gin botanicals to the feed the pigs.... The result is an infused pork with the combined flavours of juniper, coriander, cardamom, star anise, lavender, lemon myrtle, occasionally some turmeric and ginger.

Everyone here @garysqualitymeats is very excited to bring you this new producer!

While stocks last....

Tell us what you think of this very special pork?

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Wagyu on the Bone!

These skewers are made from thin cut marrow bones with a cube of @robbinsislandwagyu on the end!

Makes us think of something a cave man might create!

The marrow adds a little something more to the traditional skewer also giving a unique flavour!

Have you tried these 'wagyu on the bone' skewers?

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Freerange Greta Valley Pork Cutlets!

Being all a black Berkshire breed, this freerange Pork is bred and raised by our friends Kim and Brian in Wangaratta!
Pork cutlets are tender and that higher fat content from Berkshires give the pork a full and fantastic flavour!

How do you cook your cutlets?

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Freerange Jamon!

This Jamon is made with all our own freerange Greta Valley Pork, using traditional curing methods taking 6 months and further high drying!

How do you prepare your Jamon?

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